I DO get by with a little help from my friends!  And today a Facebook Friend came to the rescue.  I made this collage a couple of months ago.

I have been wanting to recreate it in a wall quilt, but I knew finding that mottled pinkish fabric that forms the inner ring would be tough.  And I'm just too short on time to get out the dyes.

Then a Facebook Friend and fellow fiber artist from Georgia, Deb Lacativa, posted some of the fabrics that came out of her most recent dye bath.  And there was what looked to be the PERFECT piece of fabric.

Today the bundle arrived, along with some other goodies.  And they are just itching to take their place in this new piece.  

Deb sells her fabric and her wonderful creations here:  http://morewgalo.blogspot.com.  I guarantee you won't be disappointed if you click and go take a look.

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