A number of years ago, I participated in the Shaw Art Fair in St. Louis.  I believe it was my first year there. The two days had been a good experience and I had met quite a few people and the show was winding down.  Late on Sunday afternoon, a woman came back to my booth and purchased a piece, Laundry.  She told me that it was her first piece of fiber art that she had ever purchased, that she really liked the piece, and that she was interested in working with textiles herself.  The sale really boosted my confidence in participating in an art show in such a large community.

Fast forward to yesterday.  I received an email from Suzy Farren.  I had briefly met Suzy, an artist from the St. Louis area, at Art Saint Louis in 2013.  I had noted that she had a piece juried into the Fiber Focus 2015 Exhibit there this year and had enjoyed seeing her piece, The Elephant in the Room, now on exhibit at the Quincy Art Center's Biennial Quad States Exhibit.  Here is a link to her website. http://suzyfarren.com

Here's part of what Suzy told me yesterday.

"Hi Ann, I went this morning to see the wonderful fiber show at Art Saint Louis, and I was so struck by your beautiful quilt. Robin and I chatted about you, and she mentioned you are always at the Shaw Art Fair. And I said, "I wonder if that quilt I bought years ago was by Ann." I had long looked for a name on the piece but couldn't see one. 

Today I was able to find your name sewn on the lower right corner. And the date: 2006. Your piece was my very first piece of fiber art! Since then, I have become a fiber artist  myself -- though my work is very different than yours. In fact, I have a piece in the Art St. Louis show too. I also have a piece in the Quincy Biennial. 

But I just wanted to say hi and to let you know how much I treasure your piece and also how wonderful your Art St. Louis piece is."

What a treat!  After several emails back and forth, we have agreed to meet next month when she comes to Quincy to see the Quad States exhibit.  

The actual making of art is, for me, a particularly solitary endeavor.  But the reason for exhibiting that art, is for me, an effort to connect.  And this seems to be a perfect example of how those connections are made and renewed.  

Laundry  Ann Miller Titus 2006

Laundry Ann Miller Titus 2006

The Elephant in the Room  Suzy Farrren   

The Elephant in the Room Suzy Farrren